Dierks Bentley says "Different for Girls" was a risk for him musically, but it looks like it paid off in a major way. The song recently hit No. 1, marking the artist’s 15th career No. 1 single.

Bentley went out on a limb not only with subject matter and stylistically, but also by bringing in a pop artist to perform a duet. He decided on Elle King — a raspy, soulful voice that regularly pumps through pop radio airwaves. Together, the two weave a poignant story about the flippant nature of men regarding breakups versus how women navigate them. Bentley says he couldn’t have performed this song with nearly the amount of conviction it calls for before his oldest daughter was born.

“This is a song I couldn’t have sung eight years ago before my daughter Evie was born. I could’ve, but I would have just sang it from one stand point,” he explains. “It’s a song that’s not just for one thing, but opens it up for dialogue. It’s a crazy song and that’s why I put it out there. It’s a different song that makes people think a little bit and it says something that I don’t think has been said before.”

"Different for Girls" appears on Bentley’s latest record, Black, which is filled with songs he says are very personal. He recently initiated a campaign named for the album, called Behind Black, which calls on fans to submit videos and also highlights the people who made the record happen behind the scenes, like tour managers and musicians.

Bentley also recently found himself turned into a tiny cartoon when he got emoji-fied. Fans can now download small emoticon versions of the singer and his crew to send to one another on their phones. Who needs a thumbs up when you’ve got a miniature Bentley to express your approval, right? His Somewhere on a Beach tour with Randy Houser and Cam continues through October.

Dierks Bentley Sings "Different for Girls" With His Daughters

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