Lyric videos are meant to expose fans to a song's words, but newcomer Drake White says his lyric video for "It Feels Good" is a lesson in him. The Alabama native tells Taste of Country the clip reflects how he built his career. Watch and listen to the foot-stomping, soul-country jam via this ToC exclusive premiere.

“I got a thing for maps," White says matter-of-factly. "I like direction and I like the concept of knowing where you’re going and being decisive.”

The seasoned newbie says you can tell a lot about a person if he maps out his literal or metaphorical route. White did just that. “I think maps show the concept of how I planned out this music career for myself,” he insists, referring to how he picked his bandmates, co-writers and, eventually, his record label.

The "It Feels Good" lyric video is a true lyric video. White doesn't appear, aside from a few nods to his publicity photos. Instead, the screen pans over several types of maps as broad brush strokes paint a background for the lyrics to his debut single on Dot Records to appear.

“Laying with my lady on the river bank / She looked over lazy and she gave me a wink / She said there’s no sense a workin' if it’s this dang hot / So dip your toes in the water, baby this is the spot,” White sings to begin the song. It's the chorus that hooks fans, however. It's the chorus that turns his live shows into something of a church revival.

“It feels good, good, good / It feels right, right, right / It feels good, good, good / So we gonna lay back and let it ride.”

The full music video has been filmed already. White says he traveled to Slidell, La. to shoot it. "Down there in the bayou with a lot of real people," he says, emphasizing "real." “It’s real folks having a crawfish boil. It feels good. It’s a closeup of what a weekend looks like in my life.”

Treat this lyric video as an introduction to the song — and White. It's a rare clip that serves both the song and the artist.