The title of Dustin Lynch's new single 'She Cranks My Tractor' will make the country boys snicker, but in case someone doesn't quite get the joke, the song doubles back with line after line of gratuitous innuendo. It's a rowdy good time, one that ends just before the singer finds it necessary to spell out S-E-X.

True, not every romance needs to be roses and candles and Lynch's hayloft heater, while a bit heavy-handed, is a ton of fun if you don't listen too closely. "She's a wild rose waiting on me at the end of the road / Between the water tower and the power lines / We're a cloud of dust once I get her buckled in my pickup truck," he begins before delivering one of the more regrettable lines of 2012.

"She's ten pounds of sugar in a five pound sack / A Hollywood looker in a John Deere cap," Lynch adds. Geez, you know the economy is bad when a girl can't even afford a proper sack.

"I go fast, she hollers faster / She's the first one up the hayloft ladder / A girl like that's what a country boy's after / She cranks, she cranks, she cranks my tractor / She cranks, she cranks, she cranks my tractor," Lynch sings during the chorus.

It's not clear what brand of tractor she's cranking, but if it's a John Deere Green, he surely needs to see a doctor. Later in the song, one finds "She's the best skinny dipper that you're ever gonna find / She can hit the branch with her bra every time" and then "I've got the rifle, she's got the rack."

(Sigh ...)

Despite using a 50-pound sledge to hammer home a pretty obvious joke, Lynch saves the song with a strong vocal performance and a thick (haha, he said "thick") guitar riff. His voice is more than just sturdy and reliable. When he opens up, you're forced to pay attention. This will get him far in country music... as long as he doesn't make songs like 'She Cranks My Tractor' a bad habit.

Listen to Dustin Lynch, 'She Cranks My Tractor'