It’s hard to believe after the RIAA has officially dubbed “Where It’s At” Dustin Lynch’s second platinum-selling single that the artist may have (at first) doubted its star power, but Lynch says originally, it wasn’t in the running to be the lead-off track.

Lynch tells Rolling Stone Country it was a song written early on in the process of making the record, and once you hear a song a certain number of times, the novelty starts to wear off.

"In the making of an album when we're writing songs and listening for months and months, sometimes the stuff that comes in first you get tired of. We didn't think it was a single,” he explains. "Something magical happened with the guitars when we recorded it. Here's a song that took me a while to even consider it in the game, and now I'm the one championing it to be the first single. It was like the Cinderella story of the album."

The No. 1 hit was written by Lynch and Zach Crowell, who has also worked on records like Sam Hunt’s Montevallo. Crowell is known for pushing singer-songwriters to step a bit outside their comfort zones, which often results in mega hits.

"Zach's great," Lynch raves. "We've got a bright future together. We're going to keep on working together a lot. He's a very smart guy and brings a unique flavor to the table for me. I can countrify him up a little bit, too. We meet in the middle perfectly."

Lynch is currently on the road with Luke Bryan on his Kick the Dust Up tour alongside Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett and Randy Houser, which he says has been “life-changing.”

Or as he reveals to RSC, "We're getting our music out in front of so many new fans and seeing our world change because of that in every way possible."

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