Louisiana newcomer Dylan LeBlanc displays a sense of understated subtlety and a degree of world-weariness far too advanced for someone just 20-years-old on 'Low,' the latest single from his critically acclaimed debut album, 'Paupers Field.'

As LeBlanc sings in a hushed, raspy voice about a love that stops him in his tracks, the song itself gently rolls underneath on a wave of acoustic guitars and softly crying pedal steel. (Then again, how often do you hear screaming pedal steel, right?)

Apparently he had places to go that day, but one look at his beloved's long hair blowing in the breeze and our man's putting his knapsack down:

"Listening to you as you run through the trees / The wind whispers no / Looking at your smile / Brings me down upon my knees / I don't have to go / Are you feeling all right? Are you feeling low?"

LeBlanc, who Mojo recently declared "one to watch for" in 2011, will be on tour supporting folk-rock songstress Lissie. You can get the tourdates here, or go here to see a video of his Neil Young-sounding debut single, 'If Time Was for Wasting.'

Listen to Dylan LeBlanc, 'Low'