Easton Corbin comes to the heart-breaking realization that his beloved isn't returning on his recent hit single 'I Can't Love You Back,' the third song released from his self-titled debut album.

With a deeply resounding bass line giving this aching country ballad extra warmth and depth, Corbin bares his soul amidst steel pedal and piano accompaniment.  Although the title may seem to indicate the author is wrestling with the inability to express his emotions, the lyrics reveal that he literally can't get his love back:

"Girl, I love you crazy / It comes so easy after all we had / I could love you with all my heart / But the hardest part is / I just can't love you back."

It's unclear if she's left him, or you know, slipped this mortal coil altogether, but either way the song's a total heartbreaker that pulls you right into the moment and leaves you feeling a lot of sympathy for Corbin.

'I Can't Love You Back' follows the singles 'A Little More Country Than That' and 'Roll With It' onto the charts from his eponymous debut. With a little luck, it could become the third straight No. 1 single on the country singles chart from the record.

Listen to Easton Corbin, 'I Can't Love You Back'