Eli Young Band's new music video for their single 'Even if It Breaks Your Heart' has the feel of a classic American country rock song. Filmed in Gruhn Guitars in downtown Nashville, the video depicts several generations of dreamers interacting with the guitar shop. The song is the first track off the band's August 2011 record 'Life at Best.'

The song is slightly reminiscent of the feel-good style of 'Walking in Memphis,' and the setting of the video perfectly encompasses that feel. The video starts with what looks like a flashback of two young boys peeking into a guitar shop before it's even open -- think the wide eyes of Willy Wonka, but for aspiring young musicians. The video flashes between the band performing live in the shop and glimpses of other musicians -- a young boy playing drums in the guitar shop (we can assume it's lead singer Mike Eli as a child), an older, more tattered guitar man on a bench outside the shop and a girl in her twenties rocking out on a new guitar.

Then, the guitar man from outside the shop comes into the shop to sell his guitar, as though he's just given up on the dream. But as he stands there with the fresh cash in hand, a young boy comes up and gets him to autograph one of his records. And that changes everything. Inspired by this glimmer of a memory, the man hands back the money and picks his dream back up with a newfound hope.

"It's the message and the story of the band," EYB drummer Chris Thompson told CMT. "It's twofold. Lyrically, the story relates to what the four of us have been through, developing our career -- slowly, gradually building this thing. But the underlying message of the storyline is hope and optimism. We've always had a lot of hope and optimism in what we've done, and we've always believed in ourselves and tried to keep pushing to see what's around the corner. We're shooting for the next biggest thing, and I think that's the key to our success over a long amount of time together."

Watch the Eli Young Band 'Even if It Breaks Your Heart' Video