Nobody knows a girl like her best friend, and nobody knows Taylor Swift like her good friend, A-list actress Emma Stone. In an interview with MTV News, Stone dished some insider info on what her world famous musician friend is really like.

"Taylor's a pretty normal girl," Stone revealed. "She's not like, 'I am one of the world's most popular singers.'" This is good news for fans and parents of fans, because it solidifies that the 'Love Story' singer actually is as wholesome as she seems.

The girls maintain a "normal" friendship and are "normal" people, but being friends with one of the world's most well-known singers does have its perks -- even for a movie star. Stone got the chance to critique Swift's 'Speak Now' album long before it was available to the public. "I was lucky enough to hear it pretty early on, so it's so exciting for it to be out and own the songs instead of just be singing them [in my head]," she admitted.

Taylor Swift, who just took home the award for CMT Music Video of the Year for 'Mine,', is currently on the road for her 2011 Speak Now Tour. Yesterday, she was scheduled to join the Black Eyed Peas for a charity concert in New York City, but the event was canceled due to the weather.

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