While filming for the movie 'Country Strong,' Tim McGraw was able to spend a fair amount of quality time with co-star Gwyneth Paltrow, fully admitting his love for her voice and casually inviting her to come on tour with him, if interested. What he didn't expect, as he recently admitted in an interview with Chelsea Handler, is the extent of time his wife Faith Hill spent with Chris Martin -- lead singer of alternative rock outfit Coldplay.

"My wife is a huge Coldplay fan, and they spent a lot of time writin' songs," McGraw revealed to Handler during last night's E! interview.

"I don't want to start any rumors or anything, but I ain't heard any songs yet. But he's English, so I'm not too worried," McGraw quips.

If the music Hill and Martin created sounds anything like 'Me and Tennessee,' a duet sung by Paltrow and McGraw for the soundtrack and penned by Martin, we should be in for a real treat. Seems as though Martin's got a knack for fusing a pop medley with catchy country lyrics.

'Country Strong' debuts in theaters worldwide today, Jan. 7.

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