Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard -- together, Florida Georgia Line -- write a lot of their own music, but every once in a while, another writer's song will strike their fancy. That's exactly what happened when the duo heard 'Round Here,' their latest single, for the first time.

If you're familiar with FGL's music, you know that they love writing and playing music about cutting loose and having a good time. So when they first heard Thomas Rhett's song 'Round Here,' they were immediately drawn to it. It's an anthem about working so hard that you're simultaneously exhausted and ready to pull an all-nighter on a Saturday night. 'Round Here' is all about playing hard on the weekends -- and that's a message that Kelley and Hubbard can get behind.

"If you didn’t look at the liner notes of ‘Round Here’, you’d think we wrote it," Kelley explains. "It’s an anthem of our fans' lives and our lives. That’s our motto -- work hard, play hard, and that was the inspiration for 'Round Here.'

Kelley and Hubbard actually heard 'Round Here' for the first time a few years ago when Rhett, a close friend, shared the track with them. They couldn't stop listening to it. Eventually, they asked if they could record it.

"The first time we heard it, we jammed it for a week. It was one of those earworms that you just can’t forget about," Kelley tells us. "We asked [Rhett] if he wanted cut it and he didn’t, so we asked if we could cut it instead."

Lucky for the duo, Rhett was happy to let them license the tune. Now, Kelley and Hubbard have released 'Round Here' as the third single from their 'Here's to the Good Times' album. They've been playing it quite a bit this spring, as they have embarked on a headlining tour and offered up tour support for Taylor Swift.

"We’ve been playing ['Round Here'] since the fall, and the fans have been responding really well," Kelley shares. "It seems like it’s gonna be a special song that they can relate to. It seems like fans really love it -- they go crazy most of the time."

Kelley admits that touring with Swift is a lot different than doing a headlining tour, but he and Hubbard are happy to have the chance to play in a new environment. "It’s been really fun, and it keeps things fresh," he says of Swift's 2013 Red Tour. "The crowds and venues are different than when we headline, but this is a really great time for us."

Although FGL have been playing 'Round Here' for months, they only officially released the hard-living summertime anthem on Monday (June 3). If it fares anything like their previous hits, 'Cruise' and 'Get Your Shine On,' it's sure to show up at the top of the charts before too long.