Frankie Ballard's latest single, 'A Buncha Girls,' is quickly becoming an anthem for his female fans who can't seem to get enough of the catchy tune.

Ballard wrote 'A Buncha Girls' with Nashville writing trio the Peach Pickers: Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip.

"I’m fairly certain that the title was Dallas’ idea," Ballard tells Taste of Country. "I think he was at the CMT Awards and was sitting out in the crowd watching all of these videos playing. The one consistent thing about all the videos was there being a bunch of girls in all of them. He kind of brought that idea to the table."

From there, the writers began brainstorming ideas to make the song unique and fit Ballard's musical style.

"Some of the verses are about heading to the beach for the weekend or rockin’ out in Vegas," says Ballard, who is referencing the song’s opening verse:

"A buncha girls sittin' on the deck drinkin' fishbowl margaritas / And a buncha girls down in Cancun / Yeah they’re seven day senoritas / A buncha girls packed in a jeep, heading to the beach for the weekend / And a buncha girls rockin' out in Vegas / Ain't got no time for sleepin'."

"It kind of became this [song] about you girls and how you all stick together," Ballard explains. "You run in these little groups to the bathroom or groups to the beach or groups to the mall or groups to the club … you have girls' night out and there’s Ladies Night at clubs. We decided that we wanted to make an anthem for these girls that hang together [because] all girls do it."

The song’s chorus will have you singing along in no time: "A buncha girls lookin' for a good time / Breaking hearts, turning heads and lookin' so fine / Nothing drives the boys right out of their mind / Like a buncha girls."

"It’s not about me and 'a buncha girls,'" Ballard clarifies. "It’s about how us guys will see groups of girls and nothing drives us crazier than 'Oh, look at those girls right there … oh, you see those buncha girls over there?' I just love this song. It’s fun. Musically, it’s uptempo, and it just feels like summertime when you crank it up!"