After months of anticipation, Frankie Ballard's self-titled debut album's release date has been set for May 24. The eight-song collection of tunes will include his debut single, 'Tell Me You Get Lonely,' as well as his current hit, 'A Buncha Girls.'

"I can't wait until May," Ballard tells Taste of Country of the album release. "I'm really excited about the album finally being available."

Produced by Michael Knox (Jason Aldean's producer), the album is loaded with his signature bluesy tunes with a rockin' edge and plenty of guitar solos.

"I didn’t really have a theme when it came to song selection for this album," Ballard says. "I knew that I wanted to find songs that fit what I do live. I wanted it to have the energy that my live show has as well as really good songs that people can relate to and that I can relate to. We just wanted to make some great music, and I think we accomplished that with this album."

For those diehard fans who can't wait until May for the album's release, visit iTunes, where two of the album's tracks are available now for digital download.

Look for Ballard on the road this spring opening shows for Bob Seger, as well as for country superstar Taylor Swift on her Speak Now Tour. Click here to see a complete list of dates where Ballard will be.

'Frankie Ballard' Track Listing:

1. 'A Buncha Girls'
2. 'Single Again'
3. 'Place To Lay Your Head'
4. 'Tell Me You Get Lonely'
5. 'Get On Down The Road'
6. 'Sober Me Up'
7. 'Rescue Me'
8. 'Grandpa's Farm'