How George Strait continues to play the roll of bad boy at age 59 is anyone's guess, but he's done it again on his latest song 'Here for a Good Time.' Often as stars age, their street-cred takes a nosedive, but it still feels like Strait could kick about anyone's butt he wanted to, and have them saying, 'Thank you ... sir."

'Here for a Good Time' isn't a hell-raiser in the mold of what Montgomery Gentry and now Colt Ford offer fans. Strait is the intimidating cowboy that all the loud-mouths fear and adore. This song's uptempo shuffle fits right in with what Strait has done musically over the last five years. "I ain't here for a long time / I'm here for a good time / So bring on the sunshine / To hell with the red wine / Pour me some moonshine," he sings during the chorus.

The first verse is served up hot for the spontaneous amongst us. There's a little attitude, but not too much to make Strait look silly. "Folks are always dreamin' bout what they like to do / But I like to do just what like / I take the chance / Dance the dance / It might be wrong / But then again it might be right / There's no way of knowing / What tomorrow brings / Life's too short to waste it / I say bring on anything."

'Here for a Good Time' is an easy listen. It's doubtful the song will be looked back on as one of his all-time greats -- there's never a brilliant moment, just above average consistency -- but that's a pretty crowded list already. Look for the song on a new George Strait album later this year.

Listen to George Strait, 'Here for a Good Time'