With a driving guitar riff and catchy chorus, Glen Templeton's debut single, 'I Could Be the One,' may be a song that listeners can agree on, but it won't be the hit that makes this Alabama born singer a household name.

The story is a tough to wrap one's mind around. On one hand the singer is telling a girl why he could be the man of her dreams, but if she's just looking for a fun night, hey, that's all right too.

"I can be a too much tequila mistake / Or I could be your heart's big lucky break / Might be a little more than you can take / But I can be the one," Templeton sings during the second verse. The chorus is more convincing.

"I can be the one that's the one for you / I can be the one crazy dream come true / I can be arms, I can be the heart, I can be the love you can fall into / With somebody like you with me / There ain't no telling what I could be / 'Cause you could be a star, you could even be the sun / But I could be the one."

Sonically, Templeton falls somewhere between Billy Currington and Kenny Chesney. Those are two pretty good names to be mentioned alongside, but for a new artist looking to break through it's important to stand out from the crowd. He's not able to do that on 'I Could Be the One,' but by no means does that make this song any less enjoyable to the listener.

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