Granger Smith is entering his second week in the Taste of Country Red Dirt Rumble with his brand-new single 'Letters to London.' The Lone Star State native just barely edged by Whiskey Myers to win last week's competition, but it was a win nonetheless, and now he'll take on Hayes Carll's latest radio hit.

In 'Letters to London,' Smith speaks to a lover that became just a memory after he made a few mistakes and laid a harsh hand on their relationship. As he sings, he's full of regret, haunted by the fact that he didn't take care of the romance-- and now, his girl London is only touchable via pen and paper. His raw and soulful song is nothing short of emotional, a true depiction of heartache that any country music fan is sure to relate to.

As for Hayes Carll, his new 'Stomp and Holler' song is a completely different kind of cowboy song, one which certainly lives up to its name. Carll is a gritty country singer who doesn't care about much other than having one heck of a night out, and he proves it with a more upbeat two-steppin' track that is sure to get you into your boots and out on the dancefloor.

So, Texas country fans, which song should win the Red Dirt Rumble this week? Are you a fan of laying it all on the line with old flames, like Granger Smith does in his single 'Letters to London'? Or are you a carefree kind of listener, one who prefers dancing and drinking without a care in the world?

Listen to both tracks below and make your choice. You have until Midnight CT on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012 to vote. Spread the word and share the link with your friends so they can vote, too. After the winner of this week’s Rumble is chosen, a new match will start up, pitting the winner against a brand-new challenger.

Listen to Granger Smith, ‘Letters to London’

Listen to Hayes Carll, 'Stomp and Holler'

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Rules of the Rumble: The artist and song with the most votes wins, and winner goes on to face next week’s challenger. If an artist wins four weeks in a row, he or she will be retired into the Taste of Country Texas Red Dirt Rumble Hall of Fame to allow for new songs to compete.