Granger Smith is well known for his patriotism, and he pays tribute to the Land of the Free with a new track from his just-released album, Remington.

Smith invented a popular alter ego named Earl Dibbles Jr. a few years ago, portraying the uber-patriotic character in a series of online vignettes that really helped to raise his profile. The Texas-based singer has parlayed his indie success in touring and releasing albums into a new deal with Wheelhouse Records, and his debut major-label project includes a patriotic track featuring the singer in his Dibbles persona that doesn't apologize for his love of "Merica."

"It's the perfect Earl situation to be in," the singer-songwriter says in the video above, which debuting on Taste of Country. "We wanted to launch a music video and the song at the same time. You don't only hear 'Merica,' but you see it at the same time."

The "Merica" video features scantily-clad red-blooded American women brandishing guns, an astronaut drinking from a red Solo cup on the moon and even the Statue of Liberty chugging a beer, accompanied by the lyrics, “We’re back to back undefeated world war champs / So take a cup, raise it up for my Uncle Sam / You know we sent a man to the moon and before we’re done / Yeah we’ll probably send one to the sun ….’Merica.”

The video is intended to depict a far-out dream that Earl is having, Smith reveals. It's just one of the key tracks on Remington, which has already scored a No. 1 hit with its lead single, "Backroad Song."

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