Guy Penrod, longtime lead singer for gospel music's Gaither Vocal Band, goes country and urges prayer over fretting on his new song, 'Pray About Everything.'  The single comes from his 2010 album 'Breathe Deep.'

Throughout the song, jaunty acoustic guitars run gallop on top of a locomotive rhythm section, with subdued, tasteful piano, banjo and electric guitar adding extra color. Of course, the star attraction is Penrod's rich, (dare we say) extremely manly voice.

He sings from the point of view of a person in an unnamed desperate situation, fearful of losing his grip and having all his balloons -- metaphorical, we're guessing -- fly off into the air without him.  Her advice shows he hasn't wandered far from his gospel roots:

"I said 'Mama, what am I gonna do?' / She said, child there's only one thing you can do / Don't worry about nothing / Let it go see what tomorrow brings / Don't worry about nothing / Pray about everything."

From the looks of his website, Penrod will be on the road in support of 'Breathe Deep' throughout the winter and spring.

Listen to Guy Penrod, 'Pray About Everything'