Just a couple of weeks after Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani — both coaches on The Voice — confirmed their relationship, Stefani is admitting that she loves him. Kind of.

Stefani was being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight during a promo for The Voice alongside Adam Levine, when the duo was asked what qualities they were thankful for in each of their fellow coaches.

Levine took a turn speaking to frenemy Shelton, first joking that he couldn’t think of anything for him because he’s known him too long.

“Blake’s just my buddy,” Levine explained. “I’m just kidding. I love you, Blake. Kind of … ish."

As the interviewer laughed, Stefani jumped in, adding, “I love you too, Blake! … ish."

Levine immediately gave Stefani a hard time for saying it on camera, sing-songing the words “trouble” and “context” with a smile.

“You screwed yourself on that one,” he said, still smiling as Stefani and the interviewer laughed. “I’m here to protect you, and then you do something that!” he exclaimed in feigned exasperation.

“Do you think that was dumb?” Stefani asked Levine, playing it off.

Fans will have to be left wondering in what way the former No Doubt frontwoman actually meant the comment, but Levine's reaction doesn’t bode well for Stefani convincing them it was simply playful and platonic.

The couple’s relationship comes shortly after Shelton and wife Miranda Lambert divorced this summer, and was confirmed the same day of the 2015 CMA Awards, at which both Shelton and Lambert appeared. Stefani did not attend the event, but it was reported she attended an afterparty. The couple was spotted together at a Halloween party when rumors began flying.

Fans can catch both Stefani and Shelton on NBC’s The Voice Monday and Tuesday nights.

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