Being beautiful, blonde and around the same age is about the extent of the similarities between Hayden Panettiere's fictional character Juliette on the upcoming ABC country music drama 'Nashville' and real life country sweetheart Taylor Swift.

On the much-anticipated show, which debuts on Oct. 10, former 'Heroes' star Panettiere plays Juliette Barnes, a pop-country up and comer who is not exactly likable. Ahead of the show's debut, comparisons between Barnes and Swift have already been made, which Panettiere is quick to shoot down. She insists that once the show airs, viewers will astutely realize that her character is not based on Swift.

“I’ve heard the Taylor Swift thing quite a bit and I think besides being around the same age and blond — not even the height — they are different,” the actress said yesterday (July 27) at the show’s panel during the Television Critics Association Press Tour (quotes courtesy of EW.)

She maintained that once viewers make her character's acquaintance, they will see her for who she really is. Panettiere continued, "I think when you guys see her and get to know Juliette a little better, you’ll see. But I really think Taylor would disagree wholeheartedly as well. She’s much nicer than my character."

Need a little more background info on Panettiere's Barnes? Well, she exists as a thorn in the side of country vet Rayna James, played by Connie Britton. She represents everything James hates. But it goes deeper than surface drama and the potential for cat fights. Britton said, "I think that we have a real opportunity to show the complexities of these two people in show business and particularly women. I, for one, feel a really strong responsibility to do that in a way that’s true and dignified."

Mark your calendar for Oct. 10 so you can see Panettiere in action as Juliette Barnes, the anti-Taylor Swift!