Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, are expecting their first child this spring, and as the due date draws closer and closer, the superstar is looking for pertinent advice on how to balance motherhood with a thriving career. And who better to give her some sound advice than Hillary Scott?

"Carrie and I are really good friends," the Lady Antebellum singer tells People magazine. "It was an honest expectant and new mom conversation."

Scott has an 18-month-old daughter, Eisele Kaye, so she's no stranger to the challenges of juggling family and career. "It's a weird transition at first — you feel like you have to split your brain because you're in a mommy mode and then you've got to work at such an intense job, too."

The Lady A frontwoman's first piece of advice for Underwood:? Don't tiptoe around the sleeping baby. "I told Carrie, 'Don't try to cater the noise thing to the baby because they'll sleep through it,'" Scott notes.

The pair also talked about how to navigate the challenges of touring with a baby. "Carrie and I talked about the layout of the bus," she continues. "You need to make sure the walls are padded and you can have the monitor installed in the bunk so you can look at them while you are in the front or the back lounge and make sure they are in a good position. A lot of it is finding a really great nanny — someone who can be on the road and understand that life and schedule."

It sounds like Scott's advice was a little more helpful than that of some other country stars. When Underwood asked her longtime friend Brad Paisley for some advice, he joked, "I have no idea."

While caring for a newborn baby can be difficult, Scott knows that the joys far outweigh the challenges. "I'm so excited for her," she says of Underwood. "She's going to be an amazing mom."

Baby Fisher is said to be due in April.

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