If you’re from the south, you know winter storm survival is ... well, not our strong suit. So does the Holderness family, better known as the creators of the viral Christmas card video "Christmas Jammies," who unveiled their parody of the Zac Brown Band song "Colder Weather" this week.

The hilarious clip runs down the list of reasons why a two-inch snow storm turns into “snow-pocalypse” south of the Mason-Dixon line.

The Holderness version, dubbed "We SUCK in Colder Weather," hits the each of the major issues Southerners know all too well: stockpiling essentials like bread and milk, accidentally sliding the car into a ditch and lacking an ice scraper for the windshield, making for a self-deprecating, humorous follow-up to their previous videos. ZBB clearly understand the feeling, as the group posted the video on their Facebook page for fans to watch.

Check out the clever parody above, and then tune in this weekend — March 7 — when the real Zac Brown Band take the stage on Saturday Night Live.

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