Before Hunter Hayes started selling albums like crazy, he caught a big break when he was invited to tour with Taylor Swift. Since Ms. Swift has been known to date quite a few musical guys, Nashville Gab sat down with Hayes to find out if he and the country crossover star were ever linked romantically.

Turns out, 21-year-old Hayes and 23-year-old Swift just aren't into each other. At least not that way.

It's not the height difference (Swift is much taller than Hayes) or that Swift isn't Hayes' type of girl that kept them apart. It's that Hayes viewed the 'Begin Again' hitmaker as his employer more than a romantic prospect.

"That's a negative," he responded when asked if he had dated Swift. "I mean, she was my boss."

Hayes added that he isn't quite sure what his type is yet. Sorry, ladies, it sounds like this guy doesn't know exactly what he's looking for in his next girlfriend.

"I don’t even know what my type is at this point to be totally honest with you, so anything of this would be an unfair statement," Hayes admitted.

Although a Hayes/Swift hookup is a pairing country music fans can get behind, it sounds like we'll have to settle for musical collaborations only. But that actually sounds like a pretty good arrangement to us!