Jacob Lyda's debut single, 'I'm Doing Alright,' is a feel good song about being completely at ease with a significant other -- which lets the world know that this newcomer to the country scene is laid back and, simply, 'doing alright.'

In a recent webisode, Lyda explains the feeling that inspired the song, how the right person can turn a bad day around. "You ever had those days at work where you're just like, 'Come on, hurry up!' and you want to hurry up and punch that clock and get out?" he asks. "Man, you just dread getting up and having to go back in the next day and everything. So then you get home and there's that one you love, and you realize this day ain't so bad after all."

Despite the negativity in the world, Lyda illustrates through lyrics the comfort that his girl provides him:

"There's a man on the TV saying, 'Times are real bad' / When she's loving on me I forget all that / Nothing in the world is gonna bring me down tonight / I'm doing alright."

'I'm Doing Alright' is Lyda's introductory single from his forthcoming album.

Listen to Jacob Lyda, 'I'm Doing Alright'