Jake Owen is back on the charts with yet another hit on the rise with his latest release, 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night.' The new tune was penned by three up-and-coming songwriters in Nashville: Eric Paslay, Dylan Altman and Terry Sawchuk.

"We wrote this song in September of last year," Paslay tells Taste of Country. "I was using my high strung guitar, and I sat there and started playing the rhythm to the song. It sounded fresh. Everything just fell out so easy for us, that we kind of just went with it."

After stumbling onto the song's title, it was only a matter of a couple of hours before they had the lyrics of the verses and chorus mapped out.

"Everything just found us," Paslay says of the lyrics. "None of us had the title coming in that day. Once we got going, the lyrics sounded like a summertime anthem. We decided we wanted to give the people the chance to sing along with the song when they hear it."

"Whoa, oh / Never gonna grow up / Whoa, oh / Never gonna slow down / Whoa, oh / We were shinin' like lighters in the dark in the middle of a rock show / Whoa, oh / We were doin' it right / Whoa, oh / We were comin' alive / Whoa, oh /Yeah, caught in a Southern summer, barefoot, blue jean night," Owen sings.

'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' was the perfect song for Owen, as it captures his way of life as a Florida native and the spirit of summer.

"When we recorded the demo, you could hear that we were having a lot of fun with it," says Paslay. "We weren’t sweating over the song in any way. I think we wrote it in two or three hours. I write with Terry and Dylan a lot, but this was the first song the three of us have written together. I guess we need to start doing that more often [laughs]! It was such a fun experience."

Watch the Jake Owen 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' Video