Several country stars have pulled their music from Spotify recently, but don't look for Jake Owen to follow suit.

In a new interview with 'Entertainment Tonight,' the 'What We Ain't Got' singer praises the streaming service as a way for artists to get their music in front of more fans.

"I'm all about getting the most people to hear your music. The wider the audience base, the better," he says. "I'm a Spotify member, I pay for Spotify to listen to other artists. I’ve been so pleased and refreshed to hear new music on there."

Spotify offers consumers the choice to stream free music with commercials, or pay five or ten dollars per month to avoid commercials and access special features. The service pays out between 0.006 cents and 0.0084 cents in royalties for each stream, which some artist and labels have criticized as far too little.

Taylor Swift recently pulled her entire catalog from the service, while Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert and Justin Moore are among the acts whose most recent albums are not available for streaming. Garth Brooks has been dogged in his insistence that none of his music will ever be available for streaming, anywhere.

Owen sees the issue differently.

"I think certain people have their reasons for pulling off, but from the time I started on a barstool I was never driven by money," he reflects. "I just wanted to reach fans. Spotify is an awesome way to reach the fans."

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