Jamey Johnson claims to have been born in a dark cave during the age of the dinosaurs on his new single 'Heartache,' and judging from his photo, he's managed to avoid the barber's chair since then.

But who needs prissy primping when you've got musical skill and taste? Even if you ignore the reams of critical praise he's earned lately, one listen to his current double album 'The Guitar Song' will tell you Johnson's got both in spades.

'Heartache' is a perfect example, setting a foreboding tone right up front, with a haunting organ and thundercrack drums that blend perfectly with the song's chiming funeral-bell guitar.

Meanwhile, Johnson's, let's admit it, pretty much terrifying deep voice, leaves you with no doubt that he's every bit of the trouble he promises himself to be in the lyrics:

"I'm a heartache / Never see me coming / I'll always take you by surprise / I'm a heartache / Hungry and hunting / For someone I can eat alive / By the time you know I'm on you / Buddy it's too late / I'm a heartache."

Johnson will join fellow hellraiser Kid Rock as the support act on the 'Born Free' national tour beginning this month. The tour kicks off with a sold-out show at Detroit's Ford Field on Jan. 15.

Johnson is also nominated for several Grammy Awards at this year's ceremony, which takes place Feb. 13 on CBS television.  You can read about all the nominees here.

Listen to Jamey Johnson, 'Heartache'