'One Tree Hill' actress Jana Kramer is gearing up to release her debut country album on June 5. The collection of tunes on her self-titled LP were produced by the legendary Scott Hendricks, who has worked with Blake Shelton and Brooks and Dunn.

Fans of Kramer's have already gotten a taste of what to expect from the singer's album thanks to her premiere single 'Why Ya Wanna,' which began quickly climbing the charts after its release. But the country first-timer says emotions run even deeper on the disc, on which she wrote half the tunes.

"You are going to hear every side of me [on this album]," Kramer tells Taste of Country. "There’s a very sassy side … I don’t want to kill any of my ex-boyfriends, I just want them to suffer a little bit [laughs]. Then there’s the emotional side and the romantic side, because I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. Then the struggles of growing up and finding out who you are. People will get to know me on all different types of levels."

Kramer has already sold almost 250,000 digital downloads to 'Why Ya Wanna' to date. While she didn't write the song, she says it's something that touches her as if she did. "I’ve literally lived every second of that song," she says. "I went through an exact similar situation … dated a guy, fell in love with him, and we broke up. Now, every time I see him, he always comes up to me and gives me a hug. It’s like, ‘Ugh! I’m still in love with you! You kill me every time I look at you!’ The song is great because it’s so personal, even though I didn’t write it."

The album's release is not the only exciting news for Kramer right now. Next week (April 13), the 28-year-old star is set to make her debut on the Grand Ole Opry. Those who are unable to make the trip to Nashville to see the show can still tune in online by clicking here.

'Jana Kramer' Track Listing:

1.  'Good Time Coming On'
2.  'I Hope It Rains'
3.  'Why Ya Wanna'
4.  'Goodbye California'
5.  'Whiskey'
6.  'Over You by Now'
7.  'One of the Boys'
8.  'What I Love About Your Love'
9.  'When You're Lonely'
10. 'King of Apology'
11. 'Good as You Were Bad'
12. 'I Won’t Give Up' (Digital Bonus Track)