Singer Jared Blake didn't get selected on his first go-round on 'The Voice' but he was not ready to back down, to borrow a phrase from 'Not Ready to Make Nice,' the Dixie Chicks song he chose to perform in order to earn another chance on tonight's episode.

The bald and tattooed Blake knuckled down on his guitar and sang powerfully, which is necessary for a song that makes such an aggressive and emotional lyrical point.

Coach Blake Shelton ultimately added Blake to his team this time around, saying "I got my guy" to him after pressing his button. Blake replied, "So did I." Then they hugged it out onstage. That was an ironic moment on the show, especially since Shelton rejected Curtis Grimes for covering Shelton's own 'Hillbilly Bone' without enough dude-like cockiness. Oh, Blake. We love you when you show us both sides of your personality on 'The Voice.'

Blake and Blake -- should we call them "The Blakes"? -- will certainly forge an interesting partnership on this inaugural season of 'The Voice.'

Watch Jared Blake Sing the Dixie Chicks' 'Not Ready to Make Nice' on 'The Voice'