Jason Aldean has achieved such massive success as a musician that it's no surprise he's branching out into other forms of entertainment. The 'Take a Little Ride' singer will star in an action western film called 'Sweetwater,' featuring Ed Harris and January Jones. The film will make its debut this January at the Sundance Film Festival. That's quite an impressive bow for Aldean's first film ever.

The movie is set in New Mexico territory in the late 1800s, and features a fanatical religious leader, a renegade sheriff and an ex-prostitute.

Back in 2011, Aldean was asked if he would ever try his hand at film roles. He said it was certainly an interesting prospect, but that he would choose carefully and wisely. "It’s one of those things that I would want to ease into, maybe try it out, have a couple small parts or something, just to see if it’d be something that I’d even be interested in," the superstar said at the time.

He continued, "I’m very particular about the kind of music that I record and sing, and it would be the same way about the kind of movies that I would do."

The acting conversation came up again recently, with Aldean again reiterating that he wanted to try it and see if he liked it. But it appears that he already had the 'Sweetwater' role in the can when he made those comments.

The fan-favorite singer will be getting his feet wet with 'Sweetwater.' Time will tell if he gets bitten by the acting bug in a bigger way.