Jason Aldean broke from the cover version theme of the ACM's 'Girls Night Out: Superstar Women of Country' event by performing a song of his own instead of a song made famous by a famous female singer. But, seeing as how the song was 'She's Country,' he really was honoring all of the country-music loving women out there.

Pretty smart, right? Like the guy who fearlessly asks out 100 girls just to get one date. Not that we think Aldean's batting average is that low. Anyway, his high energy, flashing lights performance of the borderline hard rock hit single from his album 'Wide Open' definitely got the crowd rocking.

Aldean's performance was one of twenty musical performances on this jam-packed tribute to female country stars, and we're pretty sure it was the most testosterone-heavy. He strutted around the stage like a rooster, and at one point we're pretty sure he may have grabbed his junk.

Aldean, whose current single 'Dirt Road Anthem' shows off a new, hip-hop influenced sound, recently shared the stage with another strong woman, Kelly Clarkson, to perform 'Don't You Wanna Stay' on 'American Idol.' Missed out on it? Well, you know we've got you covered, right?

Watch Jason Aldean Perform 'She's Country' at 'ACM Girls Night Out'