Jason Aldean goes back to his working class roots for his sexy "Tonight Looks Good on You" video.

In the clip, Aldean plays a factory worker whose blue collar colleague is watching the clock, anxious to leave so he won't be late for a hot date night with his wife. But as the shift goes long and they still aren't finished, Aldean's character — who is getting ready to clock out — decides to take his friend's place at his machine and let him go on home, where his love has been shown throughout the video preparing for a sexy night out.

The role wasn't that big a stretch for the country superstar. “It definitely wasn’t hard for me to go back to my clock-punching days,” he tells CMT. “It wasn’t that long ago that I was a Pepsi delivery guy, racing the clock, hoping to get home before sundown. So it was easy to put myself back in those shoes and kinda cheer for the guy who works his a-- off to get home to his girl.”

Written by Rhett Akins, Ashley Gorley and Dallas Davidson, "Tonight Looks Good on You" is Aldean's current single from Old Boots, New Dirt, and like its predecessor, "Burnin' It Down" — which Aldean categorized as "baby-making music" — it's a country-pop hybrid with a very sexy slant to the lyrics: "I can taste the midnight on your lips / Makes me just wanna lean in for another kiss / Wind blowing your hair around / Girl, it makes me want to lay you down."

Aldean is currently out on the road on his Burn It Down tour, which features Cole Swindell and Tyler Farr as his support acts.

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