Jason Aldean has become one of the biggest stars in country music on the strength of his rockin' brand of country, which has propelled him from clubs to stadiums and ballparks.

Aldean's music has a lot of muscle, and anthems including "Dirt Road Anthem," "She's Country" and more provide plenty of fist-pumping excitement for his celebrated live shows. But the superstar has balanced that out from time to time with a softer side that's represented in song including "Why" and "Don't You Wanna Stay" that have given him some of his biggest hits.

This list of Jason Aldean's top songs takes into account chart position, single sales, Taste of Country staff opinions and reader feedback. The singer brings all these hits to his live show, and the most loyal fans sing back every single word to them all.

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    "Burnin' It Down'"

    From 'Old Boots, New Dirt' (2014)

    Aldean took his music in a very different direction for "Burnin' It Down," which introduced some elements of electronic beats into his mostly guitar-driven style. The result was an undeniable hit, reaching No. 1.

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    "Dirt Road Anthem"

    From 'My Kinda Party' (2010)

    Deciding where to place "Dirt Road Anthem" on this list of 10 Jason Aldean hits was difficult. One could argue it's the best on the list, or that it doesn't belong at all. It's certainly the biggest risk the singer has taken to date, and the success it had on radio and sales charts leave no doubts as to whether it paid off or not. Only time will tell if it has the staying power of some of Aldean's other well-known songs. If nothing else, he helped in furthering the careers of the hit's writers, Brantley Gilbert and Colt Ford.

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    "Crazy Town"

    From 'Wide Open' (2009)

    "Crazy Town" only loses points for getting lost when the song "My Kinda Party" was released as the debut single from the album My Kinda Party. It's a great song, but it's the weakest of the group (which also includes "She's Country"). "Crazy Town" is also the only single that's not from the Relentless album that failed to go gold or platinum, but it's a favorite at country bars nationwide.

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    From 'Jason Aldean' (2005)

    Jason Aldean's debut single is still a song many of his most loyal fans look forward to hearing before any other at concerts. It barely cracked the Top 10, but it's probably the most important song of his career. He proved many radio programmers wrong with it. Many felt it was simply too redneck, and millions of fans disagreed Like he does on this track, the Georgia-raised singer has consistently made use of childhood memories to create some of his best songs. "Dirt Road Anthem" and "Tattoos on This Town" from his My Kinda Party album also pay tribute to his roots. He didn't write either of those songs but he did recognize the perfect fit for his style.

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    From 'Jason Aldean' (2005)

    This 2005 song was Aldean's first No. 1 hit, and he wouldn't have another for three years. It's an important song because it picked up fans that"'Hicktown" left behind. It also proved he could sing ballads, which -- as Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban will attest -- is an important part of becoming a superstar. "Why" paved the way for No. 1 hits like "The Truth" and "Don't You Wanna Stay" with Kelly Clarkson, and it rests comfortably on our list of the Top 10 Jason Aldean Songs.

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    "Amarillo Sky"

    From 'Jason Aldean' (2005)

    "Amarillo Sky" is a quirky Jason Aldean song because it's the only one that makes a statement instead of just describing a party, relationship or way of life. This mid-tempo hit about the struggles of farmers did as much as any other to marry the singer to his fans. It's another song that draws far more passion than chart and sales figure would suggest. A great video helped make this Aldean's third straight hit.

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    "My Kinda Party"

    From 'My Kinda Party' (2010)

    The lead single from Jason Aldean's most successful album makes our list of the top Jason Aldean songs because it let fans and industry folk know that Wide Open wasn't just a flash in the pan. The video was one of his biggest and most played to date, and the song set the tone for the album. There isn't an Aldean fan out there who can resist turning the volume up when "My Kinda Party" begins.

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    "Don't You Wanna Stay" (feat. Kelly Clarkson)

    From 'My Kinda Party' (2010)

    Jason Aldean fans are somewhat split on this song, although the appearance of Kelly Clarkson led to the biggest sales numbers of his career. It's a soft and tender ballad with a pop star. That's not something lovers of "My Kinda Party" and "Hicktown" were looking for, but it's probably the biggest reason the industry is beginning to recognize Aldean with award nominations. Both singers show great vocal control on this hit, one of the best of 2011.

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    "She's Country"

    From 'Wide Open' (2009)

    The three singles on Relentless were dips in the road for Jason Aldean, but the first single from Wide Open changed the trajectory of his career. "She's Country" re-energized fans who might have turned their ears away from the more introspective singles like "Laughed Until We Cried" and "Relentless." It's a great song that still sounds as good coming through the speakers today as it did in late 2008 or early 2009.

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    "Big Green Tractor"

    From 'Wide Open' (2009)

    By every measurable indicator, this is the biggest song of Jason Aldean's career. It spent four weeks at No. 1 and is closing in on two million digital downloads. Really, the only people who could utter a bad word about the song are the owners of Kubota tractors. Somehow "Big Orange Tractor" wouldn't have flowed so effortlessly from the superstar's lips.