This morning, Jennifer Hudson kicked off the 'Good Morning America' Spring Concert Series with a riveting performance of Brooks and Dunn's 'Believe.' Hudson covers the country song on her newest studio album,'I Remember Me,' giving it a gospel spin.Before she started singing, Hudson told host Robin Roberts why she wanted to include the song on her album. "I got to sing it for their farewell concert, and when I heard the song I fell in love with it and I was like, 'I have to have it for my album,'" Hudson tells Roberts. "It's my inspirational song on my album, so it's like country-gospel, but we made it all the way gospel."

As Hudson's rendition of 'Believe' kicked off, the gospel feeling she described was immediately apparent. The twangy guitar that can be heard in the original version was replaced with a smoother string sound, and Hudson's version also has a heavier drum presence.

The elements that really give Hudson's rendition of the song a gospel feel are the vocals. Hudson's beautiful, booming voice is sure to give you chills as she hits the high notes in the song's chorus. She was also joined by male and female backup singers during certain parts, giving the song a rich gospel feel as well.

What do you think? Does Hudson's version of 'Believe' do justice to the original?

Watch Jennifer Hudson Perform 'Believe' on 'GMA'