As any first time parent knows, it’s a joy and a wonder to watch a child grow up in front of your eyes, and Jennifer Nettles is no exception. She recently told Big Machine how much she is enjoying watching her 3-year-old, Magnus, develop, especially when it comes to learning words.

“He is in a super developmental explosion of language right now. He’s just now really getting to be able to express himself in sentences. He’s pretty quiet anyway, and has been reserved and a little on the backend of that verbally. So, sometimes he says words and I’m like, how do you know this? Like, the other day he said instrument and I’m like, ‘I love that you know that!’ But, ‘how do you know to say instrument!?"

The singer goes on to say how exciting it is for her to experience.

"It is super life giving to me and I find I want to celebrate everything, well like, ‘He just said instrument, this is … animal, he said animal!’ All of these words that have been in his head for so long that are just now suddenly like coming out all at one time. It’s really fun to get to experience."

Nettles recently played a mother to another child on the small screen when she took on the role of Dolly Parton's mother in Parton’s film about her childhood, Coat of Many Colors. She’s also been putting out solo material like the first single of her upcoming album, “Unlove You.” Nettles says the new record, Playing With Fire, is very personal, and reflective of her stage of life.

"I think I have a lot to say," she commented about the album. "I’ve gone through such a journey over the past three years and I think I have been forged in the fire and the vulnerability that comes with being a mom and being a new mom and specifically for me just the challenges that presented have left me embolden and brave."

Playing With Fire is out in May. Nettles is currently on the CMT Next Women of Country tour with Brandy Clark, Lindsay Ell and Tara Thompson, which has dates though April.

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