Jennifer Nettles wraps her full heart around the forlorn lyrics of her new single “Unlove You.” The soaring ballad is the new single from an upcoming second solo album, and it’s a reminder of just how talented of a vocalist she truly is.

Perhaps Nettles has been too all-in in the past, but while the breakup she describes in “Unlove You” feels personal, there’s room for fans to apply their own story. This accessibility should be an asset as she goes for radio airplay. The song is a straight-down-the-middle country ballad with exceptional vocals.

“I can’t unlove you / The heart can’t unbreak / I can’t unfeel how it felt to feel so much myself my whole body ached / I can’t unknow this / Lord I wish I knew how / But I can’t unlove you / So come love me for now,” Nettles sings at the chorus.

Separating Nettles the solo artist from Sugarland feels like separating bark from a tree, so instead she’s revisited a sound that put her duo on its biggest stages. Sonically, “Unlove You” recalls “Stay” by blending long bending notes and sparse instrumentation. Here, her perspective has shifted:

“If I were 25 / I know just what I’d do / I would have already kissed till I was drunk on your lips / A thousand times too few / But we have other lives / And we know it ain’t right / This is going nowhere, if I’m with you I don’t care / Take me nowhere tonight,” Nettles sings during the second verse. The song’s meaning turns slightly toward the end of this verse.

Nettles debuted “Unlove You” on The Tonight Show and is sure to play it on television stages over the next several months. If the song is indicative of the album to come, expect a slightly less experimental record.

Why Fans Will Love It: Nettles' big ballad recalls some of her best vocal performances from Sugarland.

Key Lyrics: "I can’t unlove you / The heart can’t unbreak / I can’t unfeel how it felt to feel so much myself."

Did You Know?: Nettles wrote the song with friend and tourmate Brandy Clark.

Listen to Jennifer Nettles, “Unlove You”