Jewel is working on a first gift for her little bun in the oven: a new children's album, for which she drew inspiration from the Beatles.

"I just finished writing it and should finish recording it in March. I hope it's out in the fall," she tells The Boot. Jewel's first child with Ty Murray will also be 'out' in time for fall -- the couple's baby boy is due this summer.

The singer hopes this album will nestle in the ear of children and adults alike, especially since she drew creative inspiration from the Beatles.

"I actually used a Beatles song, 'Rocky Raccoon,' as a template, because I think it's a song adults love and kids love," Jewel says. "I want this to be an album that if you're an adult, you're gonna enjoy this record too."

Jewel adds that she's not looking for commercial success with her upcoming children's record, but a simply fun music collection. "It's nothing radio ready; it's a fun, whimsical, kind of silly album that hopefully turns a phrase and is well-crafted," she says.