Fans of Justin Moore will really dig JJ Lawhorn and his new song 'Good Ol' Boys Like Us.' The two singers share a producer (Jeremy Stover discovered Lawhorn on YouTube) and -- at least on this song -- share a talent for revealing a country boy's soft side.

Lawhorn had a hand in writing every song on his debut album 'Original Good Ol' Boy.' Songwriting is his greatest strength. His story is detailed, but not packed with unnecessary imagery -- something many young scribes often try to do. He holds back, allowing the inflections in his vocal performance to tell part of this sad story.

"And lately I've been thinking / 'Bout a boy I used to know / He was taken from this world at twenty one years old," the native Virginian sings to set up his chorus. "When I look up at that photograph / See the smile there on his face / Well man it sure is hard to grasp but I know he's in a better place."

The chorus finds even the most hardened country boy's tender spot. It's the sort of lyric a non-country fan will point to in an effort to stereotype the format, which means it's perfect for a true diehard:

"Cause God’s got a spot in heaven / For good ol' boys like us / Yea he knows wings just ain't our thing so up there they drive pick up trucks / And as we speak they're probably spinning tires and slinging mud / Yea God’s got a place / Yea God’s got a place / For good ol' boys like us."

Sonically, Stover sticks to what has worked for Moore, with the addition of an organ midway through the ballad. The pace of the song -- its rises and falls -- is familiar, and not especially unique. However, a powerful story that strikes a chord with the most hardened heart will make that easy to overlook.

Why Fans Will Love It: This traditional country weeper will really hit fans who've recently lost someone. It's a great lyric and a strong vocal performance.

Key Lyrics: "And as we speak they're probably spinning tires and slinging mud / Yeah God’s got a place / For good ol' boys like us"

Did You Know?: 'Good Ol' Boys Like Us' in an unfortunate story of life imitating art. Lawhorn released the song on his 'Original Good Ol' Boy' album in July 2013. Four months later, a good friend of his died in a motorcycle accident.

Listen to JJ Lawhorn, ‘Good Ol’ Boys Like Us’