'Georgia Mud' is the latest single from rising newcomer Joanna Smith. The song portrays a story of innocence and young love, very reminiscent of another "innocence" song that took over the world of country music in 1996: Deana Carter's 'Strawberry Wine.'

"I sat down to write with a couple of guys who I've written with before, Aaron Scherz and Jim McCormick," Smith tells Taste of Country. "They are good buddies of mine. We had only written one song before. We sat down to write, and Aaron had this idea. He was like, 'I’ve got this and I've got this … it's called 'Georgia Mud.'' I'm like thinking to myself, 'Well I’ve got 50 songs about Georgia, and I just can't afford to write another song about Georgia! How am I politely going to divert his attention?' So I’m sitting there trying to figure out a way, and I'm halfway listening to what he's playing and what he's saying. Then I was like, 'Wait … this sounds kind of good! Maybe I should write this song!'"

In the chorus for 'Georgia Mud,' Smith sings, "Feel it moving underneath my toes / Soakin' in all over my clothes / We were laughing when he pulled me close / And my heart went thump thump thump / He had a little bit on his lips / When he gave me that first kiss / It was perfect just the way it was / Back then me and him / Big grins covered in that Georgia mud."

Like all good things, the sweet love, as well as the 'Georgia Mud,' would eventually dissipate: "Think it took a good two days / To wash all that dirt away / Another two years to forget his face / He looked faded like a movie."

"It’s a story about young love and the lasting effects that young love can have on someone. It’s kind of the coming of age song," Smith explains. "It sets the Georgia scenery. I think anybody can relate to it, especially if you're from Georgia, but if you're not, it’s a good trip to Georgia that I think you’re going to enjoy [laughs]!"