Joanna Smith fondly remembers a romantic, if literally dirty, kiss from a long-ago summer on her second single 'Georgia Mud.' The track seems destined to follow her debut hit, 'Gettin' Married,' onto the country charts this winter.

'Georgia Mud' blends country instrumentation with catchy, poppy songwriting.  As the track unfolds in a carefree manner perfect for late-summer afternoon hijinks, Smith and her lover steal a romantic moment while playing in the mud.

A lonely fiddle brings a touch of melancholy to her memories as she recalls that day in the verses, but when the chorus hits, the drums jump just like she said her heart did on that hot August day:

"My heart went thump thump thump / He had a little bit on his lips / When he gave me that first kiss / But it was perfect just the way it was / Back then me and him / Big grins covered in that Georgia mud."

'Georgia Mud' is expected to be part of Smith's first EP, which could hit stores as soon as this spring. She recently took part in the 10-day 'Cold Beers and Reindeers' tour of Texas, and has a few select dates scheduled so far this year.

Listen to Joanna Smith, 'Georgia Mud'