Country newcomer Joe Bachman has been a true road warrior since moving to Nashville five years ago. His new single 'Lookatchu' showcases his fun personality, but the music video takes it to a whole new level. Watch it here via this Taste of Country exclusive premiere.

Bachman calls Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney and the Eagles influences. The Philadelphia native is an emerging songwriter, working with well-known tunesmiths like Arlis Albritton and Brian Davis when he's not on the road. These days, that's rare. He plays 200 to 250 shows a year.!

'Lookatchu' was written by Josh Kear, Ed Hill and David Frasier. The video finds Bachman searching for his dream girl in a police lineup. A half-dozen or so attractive, but "quirky" ladies walk through and are scooped up by the singer's eccentric group of friends. Finally, at the very end ... well, you'll have to watch to see if this newcomer finds Mrs. Right.