Husband and wife team of country singer Josh Kelley and actress Katherine Heigl teamed up for a hilarious, ball-hating Funny or Die video. To advance a cause important to Heigl's heart -- the neutering of dogs and cats, which reduces the number of strays, shelter crowding and the ultimate possibility of  having to euthanize animals -- the beautiful actress turned the tables and filmed a PSA about her hatred of, well, testicles.

The gut-busting 'I Hate Balls' video features Heigl, all pretty in hot pink and cradling a pup while introducing herself as a "movie star and Maxim 100 member," using her Jason Debus Heigl Foundation as a guise. She is pretending to care about the animal population by supporting the act of neutering in the video, but she drops her guard to reveal a deep-seeded hatred of the male reproductive organ in general. She declares, "I hate balls."

In the next scene, she acknowledges that people will think, "Oh, she's being cute, or that she means tennis balls or yoga balls. Nope. I mean testicles. Terrible, terrible testicles. Unfortunately I can't cut nuts off human men. So I've dedicated my time to the neutering of dogs because that's legal."

Whoa! Country fans, are you getting worried about Kelley? Don't be. His wife says she doesn't hate men; just the jigglers! (And, of course, the video is all just a joke.)

Heigl almost wretches as the thought of the sight of the family jewels and even lists the pros and cons of the organ, saying they look awful shaved and that their size fluctuates.

Kelley's cameo in the video comes at the tail end. He apprehensively says, "Hey, Katie Cakes, I'm thinking about going out with the boys tonight." She expresses disapproval -- "that's twice in one week" -- but he asks nicely, so she hands over his nuts, encased in a jar. She says, "You're lucky you're so cute." He says, "Thanks, hun!"

Hilarious! We loved seeing Heigl poke fun at herself and advance the cause she supports through humor.

Watch Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl in 'I Hate Balls' Video