The lyrics to Josh Turner's new single, 'Time Is Love,' were a long time in the making for songwriter Tony Martin, but the wait was exactly what the song needed to become one of the most talked about new singles at country radio.

"I had the idea for the song, but it really wasn't yet called 'Time Is Love,'" Martin tells Taste of Country. "I got together with Mark Nessler to write, and we were bouncing around ideas, but we really didn't write it that day.

"Later, I was with Tom Shapiro, and by that time I had the title, 'Time Is Love,'" continues Martin. "Tom and I sat down and wrote a verse and a chorus. The verse is not like it is now, but the chorus is."

"Time is love, gotta run / Love to hang longer but I got someone who waits / Waits for me and right now / She's where I need to be / Time is love, gotta run," they wrote in lyrics of the song's chorus.

"After we started writing it, we kind of got stuck," notes Martin. "We weren't happy with the melody and it sat for a year. One day, me and Tom and Mark were all together, and Tom had a little rhythm track thing going that he was doing. Mark started playing his guitar with it. I said, 'This is really great ... we just need an idea!' I started singing the chorus to 'Time Is Love' in my head, and then I said, 'Tom -- I think we already have the idea for this!'"

"I know I gotta put in the hours / Make the money while the sunlight shines / But anything I gotta get done / It can get done some other time," they wrote in the opening lyrics to the song.

"All the things that were difficult back then were easy that day," says Martin. "It all fell together then. You just can't rush some things. It's like a dating service ... you find the melody and then you find the lyrics, then before too long you have this beautiful baby!"

"Josh and his producer, Frank, did such a great job on this song," Martin praises. "They just did an incredible track. I remember when we heard it, I was blown away. It might go down as my favorite track of one of my songs ever. The track is just unbelievable."

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