JT Hodges may have to sit the Christmas dancing out this year, as he is heading in for knee surgery next week to repair a torn ACL. Hodges says the knee injury started back in his high school days in Texas playing sports, which included basketball, soccer, track and plenty of football.

"Ex-athletes never want to show weakness by talking about their injuries," Hodges tells Taste of Country, clarifying that it's a manageable pain for the time being. "It's not really in pain, but my knee is just unstable. I toured all summer with it, and now with things winding down, I figured it was good to get it over with before it gets any worse."

Hodges is expecting to bounce back in a matter of weeks once he gets through the holiday season. "If I have to go onstage on crutches, I will!" he says with a laugh.

Fans can expect to hear new music from Hodges come mid-to-late January. The new single will be the second release from Hodges' debut album, which is slated for release next year on Toby Keith's label, Show Dog-Universal Music.

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