Apparently, Ryan Seacrest is not very good at keeping secrets -- especially when they pertain to his lady friend Julianne Hough. In an interview with her brother, Derek Hough, the top radio host revealed that his No. 1 girl may be returning to 'Dancing With the Stars' soon.

"I think I'm coming because another Hough, I think, is coming on," Seacrest said, implying that he'd be by the set to see the female Hough. "I think she's coming back, so I think I'm coming back for that night." Derek Hough's dance partner this season, former talk show host Ricki Lake, echoed that Julianne Hough might make a comeback. Lake said, "I heard that. I heard a rumor about that."

Should Hough decide to grace the 'DWTS' stage, she'd be smart to time it to line up with the release of her new feature film, the 2011 remake of 'Footloose.' The flick, co-starring Kenny Wormald, hits theaters on October 14. After that, Hough will focus her attention to the new Diablo Cody movie she just signed on for with Russell Brand -- oh, and that still TBA new album.