Justin Moore and his wife Kate are about to add another female to their household, as their unborn baby is another little girl. "We just found out a couple of weeks ago," Moore reveals to Taste of Country. "We're excited. The only thing is we had boy names [picked out], but we didn't have any girl names, so we kind of need to get on the ball about that. We're really, really excited."

The Moores are already the proud parents of 17-month-old daughter Ella Kole, who was born in February of 2010. "I don't really care if I have boys or girls," notes Moore. "I love my little girl. There's something really cool about the relationship between a daddy and a little girl. I would love to have a boy at some point, but if I have all girls, I will be just as happy."

But Moore says that a little expanding to the house itself may be in order. "We're going to have to add a couple of bathrooms to my house I guess," he jokes. "That's what everybody keeps telling me with girls."

So does little Ella grasp the concept that she will soon be playing the role of big sister? "My wife has been telling her that there's a baby in mommy's belly and that kind of stuff," says Moore. "So she'll like pat my wife's belly and say 'baby,' but who knows if she really understands. She will in a few months when she goes, 'Mommy, pick me up,' and [she] can't do it. When mama's taking care of the baby-baby, she might have a rude awakening. I hope she's good with it."

This week, Moore introduced the world to his new musical baby -- his new single, 'Bait a Hook,' which he co-wrote with Rhett Akins and Jeremy Stover.