Justin Moore jokes that if he asked for his wife's approval on every song he writes, he'd never get one recorded. It turns out there'd be at least one she'd say yes to. ''Til My Last Day' is his wife Kate's favorite song on 'Outlaws Like Me.' In fact, the singer tells Taste of Country it's her favorite song that he's ever cut.

"I'd lost a little bit of weight and my wedding ring was getting a little bit too big and we couldn't get it re-sized," Moore says, "so she bought me a new wedding ring a few months back and put inside it 'I can love you the best' which is a line in the song."

Moore sings this song for all the men who've grown up when they needed to. "People say I'm just a rough boy / I ain't no good for you girl / It's a dead-end street trying to love me / Yeah I'll wreck your world / I can see why they're all talkin' / Lookin' back at my past / I've got a bad name but a man can change / I'm livin' proof of that."

"I've definitely changed over the last few years," Moore says. "It's not the easiest thing in the world to deal with, even the little bit of fame that I've experienced. I've done a lot of growing up in the last couple of years, and that's kind of what this song is about."

The chorus is a thank you note to all women who've stood by their man: "'Til my last day / 'Til my last breath / Of everyone that can / I can love you the best / 'Til my last day / I'll be lovin' you."

Moore wrote ''Til My Last Day' with Jeremy Stover and Brian Dean Maher. His inspiration for the lyrics was a group of long-haired rock 'n' rollers. "I was listening on a flight to a ZZ Top record, and 'Rough Boy' came on. [Singing] "I'm a rough boy" ... and I was like, man that it so cool. It's a love song, but it's still tough and it's not sappy."

He didn't fall in love with the song until he cut it as a possible track for this album. He likely didn't have a choice on the matter after Kate had her say.

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