Kane Brown is on a seemingly unstoppable roll, but the young aspiring country star is about to find out what his fans are really made of. He's already fought off challenges from two big names, but now Brown is facing a Showdown with one of the most beloved stars in country music.

The 22-year-old doesn't even have a record deal yet, but that hasn't stopped him from topping Luke Bryan and Eric Paslay in the last two rounds with his debut single, "Used to Love You Sober." The song is an amalgam of old and new country themes, and Brown's extremely passionate fan base has been turning out to vote for him with overwhelming zeal so far.

But Carrie Underwood is one of the genre's biggest superstars, and her new single, "Heartbeat," is deeply personal to her, since she says she was thinking about her husband while writing and recording it. With her enormous fan base and the deep-seated attachment they feel to Underwood and her family, Underwood may just be the one to break Brown's winning streak in a special Showdown round that will continue all the way through Thanksgiving weekend before voting ends on Monday morning.

Listen to clips of both Brown and Underwood’s songs and vote for your favorite here. You can vote once every hour until this Showdown ends Monday at 8AM ET, so come back and vote often to be sure your artist wins. The winner of this matchup will face a new challenger on Monday.

Listen to Kane Brown, “Used To Love You Sober”

Listen to Carrie Underwood, “Heartbeat”

Showdown Rules: The song with the most votes wins, and the winner goes on to face a new challenger in the next Showdown. Vote as much as once per hour online. If a song wins five Showdowns in a row, it will be retired into the Taste of Country Showdown Hall of Fame to allow for new songs to compete. Some songs will be considered for a second Showdown if voter turnout is healthy in a losing effort.