Want to watch a preview clip of Kellie Pickler's upcoming '90210' guest appearance, which airs on Tuesday, Oct. 18? We're happy to oblige and share via the video below. It's the singer's acting debut, and she portrays a sweet, small-town country singer named Sally, who is the cousin of Justin Deeley's Austin.

Pickler will also perform 'Tough' on the episode, as it's her brand-new single. What better way to promote a new single then with a national TV appearance? Score one for Kellie Pickler.

Pickler has gone on record saying that she enjoyed her first foray into acting, but she prefers music and being on the radio. So country fans needn't worry that Pickler has been bitten by the acting bug and plans to abandon her musical career in favor of the silver or the small screen! This was just a little experiment for Pickler and though she handled herself like a seasoned pro, we prefer her as a country singer.

If you can't wait until next week to watch the full episode, watch this short but sweet clip on repeat. Pickler is so adorable and wholesome you'll want to put her in your pocket and carry her around all day.

Watch the Kellie Pickler '90210' Preview