Kellie Pickler paints a different sort of bittersweet in her new Christmas single, “My Christmas Caroline.” Her patient vocal performance falls in line with so much of the new music she’s been releasing. Once again she’s cut a very personal love story.

“My Christmas Caroline” is a love song for her home state of North Carolina. Quickly she describes a few things she’s yearning for come December: “Tonight I’m thinking about the mountains / Snow falling on the pines / Oh I feel so far away from / My Christmas Caroline,” Pickler sings. Husband Kyle Jacobs helped her write the song.

“I can smell my grandma’s cooking / See her face glow in the lights / I hope that memory never fades of / My Christmas Caroline.”

But “My Christmas Caroline” is more than a song about a patch of land. What Pickler is truly hurting for is the family she used to celebrate the holidays with, specifically her grandmother.

“I can hear my cousins laughing / Grandpa telling his old lies / This December’s left me missing / My Christmas Caroline.”

The details may change, but Pickler’s heartache remains universal for any grownup. She does what the singers of the best holiday songs do best: calms the air and quiets an often frantic season.

Why Fans Will Love It: Pickler's personal performance makes this song a bittersweet stocking stuff for Christmas.

Key Lyrics: "Tonight I’m staring at the stars / In a Tennessee sky / And I’m thinking about you / My Christmas Caroline."

Did You Know?Pickler says the best Christmas gift she's ever given is the gift of time to others in need.

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