Kelsea Ballerini has released her The First Time album, featuring the hit single "Love Me Like You Mean It." The breakthrough country female is known for her sweet voice and sharp songwriting, for being friends with Taylor Swift and for her quirky — and very willing — storytelling. So Taste of Country asked about some of her other first times.

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"I had braces, he had braces ... they clanked," Ballerini says, describing her first kiss in agonizing detail. It gets worse, much worse.

"I'm not a bad driver ... but that car protected me through six car wrecks," she adds about her first car. It's the kind of car you give a name to, which Ballerini did. It's a name fit for a superstar not afraid to scrap, which it sounds like she did plenty of while driving as a teenager.

First crush and first job were two others Ballerini openly talked about. She also added that she'd be buying her first album at Walmart. The First Time dropped last week. Her debut single is nearly a Top 10 hit, an impressive feat for a female artist in today's country culture, especially one on an independent record label.

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